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What is the VP Workouts App?

Updated: Jun 1, 2020

Niesam | Creating Your Perfect Workout

Programmed by our exercise scientists, our artificial intelligence (AI) engine named Niesam, will create the perfect workout specifically for you based on your age, sex, fitness goals, and more! Then all you have to do is, "Get Started" and you’re guided through each and every exercise with our easy to use 'set tracker'. The more you progress and use the set tracker the more Niesam learns, adjusts, and perfects your workouts! Always keeping you challenged but not overworked!

Body Balancing™

Why you need body balancing to keep you healthy!

Niesam creates your workouts using our time tested Body Balancing™ training philosophy. Body Balancing™ is whole body workouts that focus on all of your muscle groups and systems, not isolated muscles, that results in better functional strength, improved mobility, less injury, and you actually burn more calories because you're using all of your muscles! Body Balancing™ is the perfect start for beginners and a powerful boost for advanced users.

Three Week Training Cycles

Strength Workout Preview

With the VP Workouts App you'll train in three week cycles where in week one you'll LEARN each exercise, week two you'll focus on PERFECTING your movements for each exercise, and in week three, now that you're ready, you'll PERFORM each exercise to the max! Niesam will create an entirely new cycle, custom to you, every three weeks.

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